About Us

Sentry Global Technology - IT ConsultingSentry Global Technologies is a managed IT services and managed network support provider specializing in comprehensive, business technology design, implementation and consulting for midsize businesses and organizations across the Southwest and Midwest. Our offices are located in in the Dallas & Fort Worth (DFW) and North Texas area, serving the North Texas and southwestern states, as well as in Columbus, Ohio serving the Midwest.

Founded in 2009, Sentry serves thousands of users providing

Unlike others, Sentry custom-tailors its managed services to fit each individual client’s IT needs and budget. Our outstanding technical team of Microsoft-certified Engineers, coupled with our dedication to delighting every client every day, makes Sentry the best choice for your organization’s outsourced technical support and consulting requirements.

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What We Do

With Sentry Global Technologies outsourcing your IT needs doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. We take a comprehensive, consultive, proactive approach to supporting and managing our clients’ technology.  We monitor all servers, communications appliances and similar equipment under management 24x7x365, with built-in alerts to the assigned Sentry Senior Engineer whenever anything falls out of predetermined performance parameters (which we’ve custom-designed).  We regularly examine event logs, error logs, utilization statistics, Internet traffic and other measures of network performance for early signs of issues and problems.  We check on data backups routinely, to ensure that valuable client information is completely and correctly backed up.  We schedule regular on-premises maintenance visits for every client, even if there are no service requests, to ensure that even small non-emergency issues are addressed and resolved quickly.

Sentry designs data and voice platforms, updates and upgrades infrastructure, strengthens network security and hardens networks, provides network relocation and reconfiguration services, virtualized environments, provides cloud computing capabilities, and consults you on all your business technology needs.  In short, if it plugs into the wall in your office and it doesn’t make toast, Sentry probably can support it for you.

What We Offer

Sentry offers a complete range of outsourced network, data and voice technology services; both premises-based and hosted, to meet clients’ needs and desires. Every new implementation, every upgrade or update, and every ongoing consulting and services program is custom-designed individually for each client.

Why We Are Unique

A number of things distinguish Sentry from the other organizations providing IT support, consulting and managed network services outsourcing:

The No Risk Managed IT Services Provider

Although every Sentry Network Support Agreement is nominally for a one-year term, every Agreement contains a provision which allows either party, for any reason or for no reason, to terminate the Agreement at any time simply by giving the other party thirty days written notice. There is no termination fee, no early cancellation fee, no penalty. The only obligation is for the client to pay for services through the date of termination.

What this means to you is that we don’t keep clients by holding them to a contractual agreement – we retain clients because the service we deliver is outstanding.

Client Retention

In the 11 year history of our company, Sentry Global Technologies has a client retention rate of 99%.

0% Turnover

During the past seven quarters – almost two years – Sentry has not lost a single employee (except those whom we asked to leave). Naturally, we have added employees on our Technical Team and in sales and administration, but we have not lost any team members.

This has enabled Sentry to ensure that clients see and work with the same Senior Engineers consistently. It also means that our Senior Engineers become intimately familiar with each client’s technology infrastructure, which translates into faster resolution of problems or service issues, optimized up-time for every client and a thorough understanding of each clients’ individual consultation needs.

Every Sentry Technical Team member is a Microsoft-certified Engineer

At Sentry, there are no technicians, no help-desk agents, no call centers in foreign countries. Every member of our Technical Team is a Microsoft-certified Engineer, and every one is consistently undergoing training to remain current with the newest technologies, products and services which may be useful to our clients.

As a result, Sentry clients can be confident that they will be receiving highly qualified assistance whenever it’s needed, and expert advice and counsel about new advances in technology which may be useful for them to consider for their organizations.

Employee-owned company

Every member of the Sentry team who has been on board for more than one year is an equity participant in the firm. As a consequence, whether you’re speaking with a senior engineer, a sales counselor or a principal, you are speaking with an owner – not just an employee. This difference manifests itself in our client focus, in our determination to delight every client every minute of every hour of every working day.