Avoid Risky Network Security from Rapid Growth

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Maintaining network security has never been tougher and there are plenty of reasons why. One of them is over-the-top growth, which can present all kinds of obstacles. From the growth of mobile devices to the sprawling upsurge of the Internet of Things within distributed enterprises, knowing how to keep your network security intact is critical.

With the increase in data breaches, cyber security risks come in many forms, from malware to phishing to passwords, one of the surest ways to help diminish network security risk is to educate your company’s staff from day one.

Obviously, the faster a company grows, the more risk of breached network security, whether it comes from a negligent employee or outdated software. All too often the security measures needed to offset the potential problems are skipped over in place of getting a product out the door.

In these times of uncertainty and egregious violations of privacy, companies nor individuals for that matter, can afford to be lax in security monitoring. And it’s not an occasional thing that you do each week. It’s a round the clock, daily vigil of ensuring security measures are in place and performing at optimum levels.

Some of the highest priority safeguards for your network security include the following;

  • Create layers of security and encrypt data
  • Consolidate cloud services such as data storage and sharing
  • Stay current with security and software updates
  • Ensure 24/7/365 monitoring of all remote and workstation activity
  • Test for vulnerabilities — continuously

Managed IT Services is a smart way to stay on top of network security issues and still manage the business of growing your company. The professionals at Sentry Global Technologies (SGT) can do the heavy lifting of managing your network security and much more.

Compliance for HIPAA, PCI, DoD and such are easily managed by experts who are dedicated to these network security guidelines. SGT pursues ongoing research for emerging network security developments, finding innovative ways to stop security issues before they occur.

While it’s imperative to stay out front of managing network security, you can do it more efficiently (and still tend to the growth of your business) with a little help from the right IT pros.