Get Better Ransomware Protection with These Five Steps

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By following five easy steps, you can ensure better protection from ransomware and other malicious malware.

1. Current Anti-virus with Advanced Threat Protection and Web-Filtering

Anti-virus is important to run on your machine, but it is not enough. Make sure your anti-virus (AV) is being updated regularly. Advanced Heuristics is a powerful way of detecting new malware and threats or modified threats and variants of existing malware. It recognizes odd software coding such as previous known “zero-day” malware. Another name referring to this is Advanced Threat Protection or ATP blocker.

2. A Business-Grade Firewall with Unified Threat Management

Home Wireless routers are an easy gateway to access for Ransomware and various other malware and viruses. You need an authentic, business-grade firewall with the following services available to help prevent against malware, ransomware, and viruses: Anti-virus Gateway, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, Web Reputation, WebBlocker, SpamBlocker, Network Discovery, Data Loss Prevention, and/or Advanced Threat Protection.

3. Current Microsoft and Third-Party Software Patching Policies

Updates for your operating system should be kept current along with application updates that are all considered part of a best practices effort to avoid vulnerabilities. Don’t postpone these important updates until later. Take time to put security measures in place.

4. Spam Filtering Service for All Email

Email is a very common entry point for ransomware. The good thing about spam filtering services is that they include variations of anti-virus that quarantines known anomalies and prevents unsafe variants from violating your users’ inboxes.

5. Hybrid Data Backup Solution

Local and cloud data backup of your whole system is critical. Take time to make it one of your good habits and be consistent. There are numerous high- performance products on the market that perform both a local and cloud backup.

Ongoing cyber training for employees will help to ensure they are aware of known threats and that they know how to recognize them before opening an attachment or clicking on a potentially dangerous link.