Case Studies

A Rescue Mission

Almost two years ago, Sentry was asked to provide a second opinion with respect to a network redesign and re-architecture project for an auto dealer services organization with about 150 employees located in the Dallas area. Users were experiencing frequent interruptions in email traffic, ongoing downtime issues, applications freezing and a multitude of other issues.

One of Sentry’s competitors had examined the existing infrastructure and proposed complete replacement of all data network hardware and software, at a cost to the client of approximately $1.4 million.

After an exhaustive analysis of this company’s computing platform, Sentry’s engineers concluded that wholesale replacement was unnecessary. Instead, we proposed a series of incremental consolidations, upgrades, updates and improvements in security, durability and redundancy, all of which we estimated will cost the client less than one-third of our competitor’s proposal. Read More…


An Interim Assignment, Which Became Permanent

Over a year ago, Sentry received a request from a strategic partner to visit with one of their clients. This Dallas-area company’s IT Director had accepted another position, and they needed a managed services provider (like Sentry) to provide interim assistance until a new IT Director could be hired.

Sentry immediately assigned one of its Senior Engineers to survey the network platform, and to take on day-to-day management of this client’s infrastructure.  While the client continued to interview candidates, our Senior Engineer identified and resolved a number of configuration and implementation issues which were slowing or stopping network operations and application access, resulting in network downtime and reduced employee productivity.  With network performance improved dramatically, applications speeds were increased, and security was enhanced – which translated into much higher staff productivity and reduced labor costs. Read More…

Introducing Current Technology

Last year, Sentry was asked to develop a proposal to modernize the technology of a manufacturing organization with five plants in North America. This firm was relocating from Ohio to Dallas/Fort Worth.

This company was experiencing frequent email outages, frozen or unresponsive applications, excessive wait times and inadequate back-ups and network security measures. After analyzing this company’s existing technology, a team of Sentry’s engineers concluded that many of the major computing elements needed to be replaced with up-to-date technology. These recommendations were designed by Sentry to deliver uninterrupted email traffic with expanded access, fast application response, higher levels of security and dependable data back-up.

Accordingly, we proposed – and the client agreed – to replace their outmoded freeware email system with Microsoft Office 365, to install a new server and server operating system for their on-premises applications, to provide cloud facilities for hosted applications, and to install new switches, a new firewall, current anti-virus and anti-malware protection – in short, to supply this client with a whole new, current, secure and sophisticated data platform with no outages, no downtime, and higher levels of efficiency and operability. Read More…

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