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What is CS PracticeWorks?

CS PracticeWorks is a comprehensive dental practice management solution for smarter operations with scheduling, charting, and financial organization tools. The Carestream platform is available on-premise and on the cloud, providing dental practices with the choice whether to restrict access to the software in the clinic only or to enable users to view and edit patient data anywhere.

CS PracticeWorks is equipped with team planning and scheduling management tools that let them see which patients and what operations they can expect for the day. This lets them plan and prioritize their responsibilities accordingly, to ensure patient satisfaction.

Additionally, CS PracticeWorks has a HIPAA-compliant two-way communication tool. This allows practices to remind their patients of their appointments to reduce no-shows. And in case the patient can’t make it, they can inform the clinic so that other interested individuals can be accommodated.

Overview of CS PracticeWorks Benefits

Daily Appointments Management

CS PracticeWorks shows the dentist and his team who to expect and what procedures they need to perform. This lets them prepare the tools and items they need beforehand to be fully ready by the time the patient arrives. And if there are any scheduling conflicts, they can remediate this in the practice central to ensure that there is staff ready to assist dentists in every operation and to face the patients as they arrive in the clinic.

Task Prioritization

There are some appointments, treatments, and tasks that are more urgent compared to others. To facilitate their on-time completion, CS PracticeWorks has a window dedicated managing their prioritization. This lets dentists and their staff pinpoint issues that need immediate attention for their prompt resolution. Aside from that, the software also offers suggestions that can aid users in remedying matters appropriately.

Sound Scheduling

Creating schedules can be an arduous task, especially when it is being done by hand. But with CS PracticeWorks, the process is made more efficient and more expeditious as the software.

Analysis & Reporting

With CS PracticeWorks, clinics can analyze how they have been performing. This lets them visualize and monitor goals such as whether they have improved in their treatment times if they have seen an increase in patients and referrals in the past month and others. This is especially beneficial to practices that work together with dental practice management consultants, so they can swiftly see how they fare in various performance indicators.

Secure Practice

Administrators can make sure only those with the proper authorization can access certain files and features. That is because CS PracticeWorks lets them enable strong password protection for certain data. Other than that, admins can require users to login to the system using their fingerprint. And to further secure clinic information, administrators can run an audit report to see what changes were made and who did them to ensure accountability among dentists and staff.

Electronic Convenience

CS PracticeWorks cloud offers all the features of the on-premise version with the additional convenience of anywhere access and electronic documents. It makes it easier for dentists and their staff to send prescriptions to their patients and to view their insurance eligibility. The cloud version also enables practices to accept payments online and to process them faster.

Overview of CS PracticeWorks Features

  • Daily Plan Screen
  • Customizable Schedule Views
  • Critical Tasks & Patient Information
  • Practice Central Dashboard
  • Automatic Prioritization Tools
  • Accounting & Record-Keeping Reports
  • Password Authentication
  • Audit Trails
  • User Rights Settings
  • Fingerprint Login System
  • Provider & Patient Criteria Filter
  • Schedule Gaps Search
  • Pending Page Feature
  • Electronic Services
  • Integrations

PracticeWorks support: What you get:

  • Your Sentry Global team has 10+ years’ experience working with dentists. We quickly solve your dental office technology issues because we’ve seen it before.
  • Support for your computer’s hardware and Practicework software so you can spend more time focusing on your patients.
  • Conveniently located in Central Ohio to support Ohio-based practices both over the phone and in person. One phone number and one email address to your go to technician.
  • Team of Technology Professionals who can quickly solve issues because they’ve probably seen it before.
  • Dedicated support that doesn’t take a vacation. Unlimited phone support. Proactive monthly reporting for your Practiceworks support.
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 by Kristina Witmer via Google
I really appreciated the thorough VOIP IT support service!

Thorough, human expertise. Great team.

 by Vince M via Google
Highly recommend for going above and beyond help!

The team at Sentry was so helpful with our big deployment and bent over backward to make sure we got all the help we needed and more. Would recommend them every time!

 by David F via Google
Stayed with us to ensure service was working

Brian took the time to listen to all of our needs. If there was a service that the Sentry Global Technologies did not do, he was able to provide us with a company that could help us out with our needs. The day of installment, one of our computers was giving him issues, Brian stayed till the issue was fixed despite the weather getting bad outside. Definitely glad our office switched to Sentry Global Technologies.

 by Daniel Colella via Google
Truly amazing service and VOIP IT management

Good Job!

 by Daniel V via Facebook
Timely service

Did a great job handling our situation in a very timely matter!

 by Jeff R. via Yelp
Great service and reliable support

The guys at Sentry Global Technologies have done a great job of helping me get my new firewall installed. They provide computer, server and network support for my small office of about 20 people. We have a VPN and 3 servers that all need to be managed and these guys do a great job. They also help me with backing up all my servers. Great service and reliable support.

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