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What is Dentrix?

Dentrix is a popular and leading practice management software designed to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of dental practices. Built with industry-leading front office, clinical, and business tools; the innovative dental software helps dentists and their teams manage both the clinical and business sides of their practices. Dentrix is developed by Henry Schein Inc., a worldwide distributor of healthcare products and services.

With Dentrix’s integrated suite of front office tools, dental practice teams can accurately accomplish the usually time-consuming tasks in less time such as scheduling patients, sending appointment reminders, processing payments, validating and submitting insurance claims, and updating patient records.

The dental software is equipped with comprehensive tools aimed at increasing clinical efficiency. These tools are used for dental charting, treatment planning, creating progress notes, and more. Dentrix permits users to gain insights into the financial performance of their practices and the performance of their teams in meeting practice goals through the aid of its business solutions and tools. Dentrix also allows dentists to manage their practices from any location using their mobile phones or tablets.

Overview of Dentrix Benefits (IT Support)

Communicate With Patients Effectively

Dentrix helps dentists and dental practice teams improve how they communicate with patients. It delivers a front office tool called Communication Manager which permits them to automatically send appointment reminders to patients via text messages, emails, and postcards. They can also use this tool to send seasonal or holiday reminders. Dentrix has a collection of email and postcard designs that can be customized and personalized as reminders are sent out to patients.

Simplified Patient Scheduling

The dental software simplifies patient scheduling by offering an appointment book which lets users fill in open appointments and schedule specific events. When patients confirm their appointments, the confirmed appointments automatically show up in the appointment book.

Self-Service Portal (IT Support)

Dentrix has a portal that facilitates the check-in process, eliminates paper forms, and improves the accuracy of patient information. Users can set up a tablet or any touch-screen computer to serve as a kiosk for their front office where patients can access the portal. From this portal, patients can fill out electronic forms, update their information, and answer surveys. In addition, patients will be able to access this portal online to request appointments, view their appointments and treatment plans, and send payments.

Quick Billing And Insurance Claims Management (IT Support)

With Dentrix, users can easily process payments. With just a few clicks, they can send a single billing statement or batch of billing statements to patients, eliminating the tedious process associated with sending statements manually. Dentix also streamlines the management of insurance claims. To shorten reimbursement time, the software automatically validates insurance claims and sends them electronically to insurance carriers. Additionally, supporting documents such as digital radiographs and photos can be added to insurance claims as attachments.

3D Dental Charting

Dentrix is described as an innovative dental practice management software, and the proof of that can be seen in one of its comprehensive clinical tools. The software has a tool used for creating dental charts. What’s very interesting about this tool is that it applies three-dimensional or 3D modeling. Thus, it delivers lifelike representations and realistic views of patients’ information and clinical situations.

Dentrix’s 3D patient charting permits dentists to document all procedures on multiple tooth surfaces. They can select multiple teeth and drag them, rotate teeth, open or close the bite, and produce 3D models according to the treatment plans they recommend. Also, they will be able to select the appropriate views for the required procedures (e.g., upper, lower, quadrant, side of mouth, and arch view).

Capture Detailed Periodontal Metrics (IT Support)

As Dentrix revolutionizes dental charting through 3D modeling, it also speeds up the charting process by letting dentists calculate periodontal metrics automatically and record them easily. These periodontal metrics include mobility, furcation grades, probing depths, bleeding and suppuration points, gingival margins, plaque, and bone loss.

Generate And Manage Treatment Plans (IT Support)

Included in Detrix’s set of clinical tools is a treatment planner which assists dentists in creating and managing recommended procedures for their patients. This tool allows them to produce multiple treatment plans for each of their patients. Patients can easily review these treatment plans, and they can either accept or reject them before they see their bills. In addition, dentists will be able to track the treatment plans that have been rejected or accepted by patients, as well as those that have been referred or completed.

Organize Clinical Notes (IT Support)

Dentrix eliminates the traditional paper-based system of handling clinical notes, as paper records are often lost or misplaced. Thus, the software allows dentists to organize all their clinical notes in one convenient location where they can easily retrieve them. They will be able to add clinical notes to patient records quickly and accurately. Clinical notes such as patient’s conditions, tooth histories, treatment plans, completed procedures, and exams are organized on the bottom half of the patient’s chart.

Business Management Tools (IT Support)

As a dental software that doesn’t only help dentists and dental practice teams improve clinical efficiency and front office productivity but also increases practice profitability, Dentrix provides business management tools that assist practices in improving their bottom line. It has a reporting tool that generates reports so teams can see how they are performing to achieve the goals set for them. These reports can also guide each member of the team to focus on the most important tasks of the day that have an impact on patient care and practice profitability.

In addition, Dentrix helps users measure the financial performance of their practices. Through the aid of concise and easy-to-read financial reports, they will be able to access and view key performance indicator or KPI statistics that covers areas which include production and case acceptance, collections, schedule management, continuing care, and new patient analysis.

Mobile Practice Management (IT Support)

Summing it up, Dentrix allows mobile management of practices. Thus, from smartphones or tablets, dentists and dental practice teams can access all the data they need when they are out of the office. They can check patient information, verify prescriptions, track insurance eligibility, view schedules, and even make decisions on the go.

Overview of Dentrix Features (IT Support)

  • Front Office Tools
  • Improve Communication With Patients
  • Simplify Scheduling
  • Streamline Patient Check-In
  • Self-Serice Portal
  • Manage The Payment Process
  • Claim Validation
  • Instant Messaging
  • Clinical Tools
  • 3D Patient Charting
  • Expedite Perio Charting
  • Submit And Monitor Lab Cases Digitally
  • Synchronize Digital Images With Patient Records
  • Organize Clinical Notes
  • Business Tools
  • Measure Financial Progress
  • Daily Huddle Reports
  • Profitability Coaching
  • Mobile Practice Management
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