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What is DEXIS?

DEXIS develops innovative, high-quality digital imaging solutions for the dental community including digital radiography, intra-oral cameras, and caries detection. The DEXIS Platinum intra-oral digital X-ray system, DEXcam cameras, and CariVu caries detector extend numerous benefits to both clinicians and patients while serving as highly effective aids and communication tools throughout the diagnostic and treatment planning process. Dexix Dental IT Support call Sentry Global Technologies.

DEXIS Dental Imaging Benefits For Cloud-Based Dental Software

Imaging with cloud-based dental software used to be a problem for many dentists and practices looking to take advantage of new technology. DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend has solved those problems. With better quality, instant access, editing capabilities and routine maintenance, this solution is creating a new standard for digital imaging. Sentry Global Technologies provides Dexix Dental IT Support for all dental offices.

Better Quality

One of the biggest worries for practices considering a switch to cloud-based dental practice management software is the quality of their images. DEXIS alleviates this concern. As a custom-built imaging solution, it provides quality that other cloud-based software cannot. Using original digital images instead of copies, we are able to provide an image quality that is not compressed or lost because of a transfer. By putting these digital images straight into our cloud-based software, there is no switching between applications or lag time to sync. There are no bridges or on-premises imaging servers necessary with our imaging, and it provides the best quality and easiest access for all your imaging needs. Be sure to contact Sentry Global Technologies for Dexix Dental IT Support for your practice!

Instant Access

Imaging with the cloud also provides instantly accessible images. X-rays can be placed directly into a patient file and accessed after just 1.5 seconds. Each image is stored with a precise ADA code, allowing you to pull up specific images within the cloud based on which patients you are working with at the time. The cloud also has continuous, automatic backup, so every image that is stored in patient files is available at any location or on any device within seconds. Images are also saved with date stamps to make searches quick and easy. It is simpler than ever to reference your clinical images with DEXIS. As a Dexix Dental IT Support provider, Sentry Global Technology is second to none!

Easy Editing

Cloud-based software also has the ability to edit the instant high-quality images it produces. Post editing includes the ability to annotate and read density on X-rays or other images. Annotations can be added on the side or linked to a specific spot on the image. The image can also be marked to identify areas that need attention. Post editing abilities from the cloud help make collaboration between locations and specialists easy. With high-quality instant access and annotated images, it’s simple to provide fast, quality patient care. Call us for Dexix Dental IT Support.

No-Hassle Updates

Updates can be one of the most frustrating, and often most costly, factors of in-practice imaging. With the cloud, there is no imaging server maintenance. This means no device upgrades, time-consuming updates or surprise IT work. The cloud houses data in offsite server locations, where trained IT staff takes care of updates, software management and IT issues for your dental practice. The cloud saves your practice money and time by cutting down on IT costs, removing the need for upgraded devices and providing an all-inclusive IT team that works daily to keep your practice up and running.

DEXIS is taking cloud imaging to a new level. With better quality, better access, editing capabilities and routine no-hassle maintenance, there are few downsides to switching to cloud-based dental practice management software. Dexix Dental IT Support.

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