Technology Assessments

it enineers in network server room

Sentry offers comprehensive assessments of your entire set of information technology resources: from computer and network hardware to communications equipment and software assets. Our detailed technology consulting assessments provide recommended upgrades, updates, and so on.

Sentry’s expert Senior Engineers will perform an exhaustive analysis of all your managed it resources including voice and data platforms, network security, data storage and more, to afford the client a detailed understanding of the state of their technology environment and the steps needed, if any, to bring the client’s technology up to the level desired by the client.

These analyses can include software licensing audits and correction, technology alignment / re-alignment, technology refreshment programs or a variety of other steps and programs, based upon the client’s needs, budget, problem areas and growth plans.

Whether you’re local to the Dallas and Ft. Worth area or multi-national in scope, Sentry can supply the outsourced technical manpower and expertise to assess your business technology and ensure your team is working on an up-to-date and world-class technology platform. Ready to get started? Then call Sentry today!

Free Technology Assessment $450 Value

Find out if you have critical IT or network security issues putting your business at risk.