Virtual CIO / CTO Consulting

Count on Sentry Global for Virtual CIO / CTO Outsourcing

In the dynamic world of IT, sometimes the immediate need demands someone who is:

  • Experienced; at the top of their game
  • A high-level IT management professional
  • A seasoned pro with polished C-Level technological leadership skills
  • A gifted communicator to bring the team together and inspire productivity

In scenarios such as this, there’s little leeway to engage in a time-consuming, expensive talent search. All you need is a credible source that will give you immediate access to that top-level IT person. Knowing you have a reliable, proven resource for this kind of talent is what Sentry Global Technologies can provide. Some of the top names in business know who to count on for virtual CIO / CTO consulting services.

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How Sentry Global’s Virtual CIO / CTO Will Benefit You

As a Sentry Global client, our CIO / CTO will move quickly and efficiently to:

  • Analyze your organization’s situation
  • Consult in-depth with your management
  • Assess your business’s IT needs
  • Recommend specific ways technology can make your business
    • more efficient
    • more economical
    • more competitive

All of which, will make your business a more distinct presence in the marketplace.

Sentry Global Clients Enjoy Many Advantages with a Sentry Virtual CIO / CTO

As a valuable member of your team, your Sentry Global Virtual CIO / CTO enables you to:

  • Have unparalleled expertise from a top-level, real-world expert with an objective view of best practices and vendors, making your technology platform excel
  • Focus on taking your business forward, knowing that your challenging IT decisions are being expertly managed
  • Reduce costs by avoiding the salaries, benefits, bonuses and other perks often required to attract and retain in-house Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers

Proven Success

  • Industry: Headquarters of a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Company
  • Size: 45 employees
  • Client Situation: Losing their IT Director
  • Sentry’s Solution:  A comprehensive Sentry Network Support Agreement
  • Results:  45% cost savings, improved network functionality, 99.6% network uptime

If your technology demands are creating growing pains and it isn’t financially feasible or timely to hire a full-time CIO or CIO, then a Sentry Global Virtual CIO / CTO is a viable, cost-effective alternative.

Whether your IT leadership needs are temporary or on-going, Sentry Global Technologies’ Virtual CIO / CTO Consulting Services can help effectively guide the strategic direction of your company.

Contact us today for a free information technology evaluation.

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