Shopping for a New Internet Service Provider? Consider these 3 important factors

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After nearly 30 years of working in IT, you realize there are a few key components that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often leave out or lose in the install. Learn from our lessons and make sure the following important factors are addressed with your new ISP.

1. If you have a network firewall, ask the ISP to set up your modem in Passthrough or Bridge mode prior to the install. That way all traffic passes directly through the ISP’s modem to your network firewall or wireless router. It will also safeguard any rules setup in your firewall and/or router so they won’t get blocked by the ISP’s modem.

2. If you have a local exchange server/mail server, request a reverse DNS record or PTR (Point to Record) for your mail address for the new Static IP address issued by the ISP for your new internet service. This will prevent your mail from going on a black or gray list.

3. List your IT contact on the ISP account as a technical contact make sure your IT is in the loop for any communication. Changes prior to delivery of your new internet service can be made to ensure a smooth install and transition. You will also have faster response time between the ISP and your IT support in the event of an outage or interruption after the installation.

If you ask the right questions and know how to troubleshoot the process of getting a new (and hopefully) much-improved ISP, you can avoid problems afterward that slow down successful implementation. When in doubt, rely on the IT experts for the best, most secure solutions.