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Are you a dental practice looking for a reliable, affordable managed IT company specializing in Dental practices? SoftDent provides a one-stop shopping for IT solutions for dentists. From everything from building a network to maintaining its operation and security, our professional team at SoftDent will make sure that your business is working smoothly and efficiently. Interested? Learn more about out services by contacting us today!

SoftDent IT offers managed services for many small businesses looking for high quality and dependable IT support at an affordable price. With SoftDent IT, you will never be left out of pocket for anything related to your computer systems. For a low monthly fee, the experts at SoftDent IT will take care of everything from server monitoring, cloud backup protection to providing assistance accessing new customer portals and applications.

What is CS SoftDent?

CS SoftDent is a comprehensive and intuitive dental practice management software suite for solo to multi-dentist clinics. It has full automation tools that let dentists spend less time on administrative tasks and more time tending to their patients and their needs.

As CS SoftDent has on-premise and cloud versions, clinics have the option to limit the use of the software to office premises or to allow dentists and staff to access information wherever they are.

With CS SoftDent, dentists can treat their patients with utmost care while making certain they do not run into bad debts by tackling clinical treatment plans and insurances with their patients.

Overview of CS SoftDent Benefits

Centralized Information

CS SoftDent gathers all relevant patient and clinic information in a central repository. This makes it easier for users to access them when needed, especially when reviewing patient charts. Other than that, the software can be utilized to display important financial data for dentists or their staff to succinctly discuss treatment plans and insurance coverages with patients.

Scheduling Dashboard

CS SoftDent has a window dedicated for appointment scheduling and management. It contains tools that make scheduling swifter and convenient to both the patient and the dentist as it considers room availabilities and user preferences. Plus, the software lets users easily find gaps in a day’s schedule for the clinic to attract more patients and to increase their earnings.

Additionally, CS SoftDent has a family scheduling feature that expedites the appointment setting of family members without the need to pull up individual records.

Multi-Way Communication

With CS SoftDent, dentists have access to a host of electronic services that let them communicate more effectively with their patients, colleagues, and staff. For one, they can send messages to patients to remind them of their appointments. And in case patients can’t make it on the scheduled time, they can inform the clinic to cancel and to reschedule. This reduces no-shows and lets the clinic accommodate other patients on vacated appointment slots.

Electronic Records

CS SoftDent provides dentists access to a full electronic recordkeeping function. This lets them chart their findings and add images and other data for support. This makes it faster for them to diagnose patients or deal with other issues as they have all the information they need on hand.

Furthermore, the software instantly alerts users when lab works are not provided on time. This makes certain that dentists are fully equipped with the information they need to administer proper treatment to their patients.

Team Exchanges

CS SoftDent can be a platform for colleagues and staff to communicate with each other. For example, they can use the notes section in charts to impart instructions, opinions, and reminders. This facilitates the proper treatment of patients and ensures that they are done properly and on time.

Overview of CS SoftDent features

  • Clinical Notes
  • Clinical Treatment Plan
  • Contacts Organization
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Family Scheduling
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • User Preferences
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Follow-Ups Setting
  • Phone Call Dashboard
  • Easy Medical History Access
  • Prescription Printing
  • Pharmacy Tracking
  • Lab Work Alerts
  • Daily Task Overview
  • Team Communication
  • Outstanding Balances Notifications
  • Financial Reports
  • Instant Billing Estimates
  • Insurance Claims Organization
  • Task Prioritization
  • Goal Tracking
  • User Rights Setting
  • Audit Trails
  • Electronic Recordkeeping
  • Electronic Services
  • Integrations
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Great team for support

Thorough, human expertise. Great team.

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Highly recommend for going above and beyond help!

The team at Sentry was so helpful with our big deployment and bent over backwards to make sure we got all the help we needed and more. Would recommend them every time!

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Stayed with us to ensure service was working

Brian took the time to listen to all of our needs. If there was a service that the Sentry Global Technologies did not do, he was able to provide us with a company that could help us out with our needs. The day of installment, one of our computers was giving him issues, Brian stayed till the issue was fixed despite the weather getting bad outside. Definitely glad our office switched to Sentry Global Technologies.

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Good Job!

Good Job!

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Great service and reliable support

The guys at Sentry Global Technologies have done a great job of helping me get my new firewall installed. They provide computer, server and network support for my small office of about 20 people. We have a VPN and 3 servers that all need to be managed and these guys do a great job. They also help me with backing up all my servers. Great service and reliable support.